Cool Care Corporation

Cool Care Corporation

Cool Care Corporation

Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra


Spare Parts of AC & Refrigerators

We are the most trusted and reliable suppliers of A/C and Refrigerator Spare Parts.In addition to these, we also offer copper fittings, refrigerant gases, plate type heat exchangers, etc.

Refrigeration Compressors


Vacuum Pumps 12vGet Quotation

Vacuum Pumps 12v

Coil Shine ChemicalGet Quotation

Coil Shine Chemical

Pressure PumpGet Quotation

Pressure Pump

Oil Filled CapacitorGet Quotation

Oil Filled Capacitor

Fan Motor 3hpGet Quotation

Fan Motor 3hp

PCB Board

Washing machine PCBGet Quotation

Washing machine PCB

Blower MotorsGet Quotation

Blower Motors

Washing Machine PCBGet Quotation

Washing Machine PCB

Pipes & Fittings

Copper FittingsGet Quotation

Copper Fittings

Brass FittingsGet Quotation

Brass Fittings

Copper TubesGet Quotation

Copper Tubes

Spare Parts

FHP Motors

Indoor Blower MotorsGet Quotation

Indoor Blower Motors

Air Flow Controllers

Refrigeration Tools

Copper Fittings

CouplingsGet Quotation


Axial Fans

Axial FansGet Quotation

Axial Fans


SealedGet Quotation


Refrigerant Gases

Refrigerant GasesGet Quotation

Refrigerant Gases

Drier Filters

Drier FiltersGet Quotation

Drier Filters

Clamp Meters

Clamp MetersGet Quotation

Clamp Meters

Condenser Coils

Condenser CoilsGet Quotation

Condenser Coils

Expansion Valves

Expansion ValvesGet Quotation

Expansion Valves

Plate type Heat Exchangers